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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hello lovelies - I have another foundation review for you!

This foundation is said to adapt to skin tone and texture, whilst providing a perfectly flawless finish.

I have tried this with Bobbi Brown Hydrating Moisturiser underneath and Estee Lauders Face Primer Plus.

I find that on top of my moisturiser this foundation goes on well. It is smooth, and provides good coverage however the finish is a little shiny for me. I usually apply a little powder on top. This then lasts all day. It looks like this...

I do definitely like the finish of this foundaiton and I tend to use it daily at the moment. It cost around £8. I do find however that it dissapears to nothing on top of the Estee Lauder Primer though so that's a bit odd!

I wouldn't say that I would be in a hurry to repurchase this foundation and find that it is ok for now. It is definitely not my "dream" foundation or anything. But I do think it is worth a try because it makes my skin look a little healthier than some of the other foundations out there in these winter months.

What do you think ladies?? Do any of you use this??


  1. it def matched your skintone! it looks so natural like you have no makeup on... I'm gonna have to check this out... thanks for sharing!

  2. I like it on you :) Btw you're so pretty and you look great in purple ;)


  3. hello,
    Purplelicious beauty. You look natural. I like! Btw, I'm ginger no.524. Take a quick look at my blog too;)

  4. ur face look flawless ,, like u have no makeup on

  5. I havnt tried this but I will have a look. Great blog :) (New follower) Emma x

  6. I never used it but may it help u just try Chanel Foundations its give a flawless look and perfection even with my face prob

  7. which shade is this? looks great!

  8. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,


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