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Monday, 22 November 2010

Hey everyone - I finally uploaded my first YouTube video here.

Sorry quality is a little off - I have done it on my phone but unfortunately when it has converted it's ended up a bit grainy. Back to the drawing board...

Need a new camera that takes good videos as mine is not clear enough - any suggestions??


  1. YEY for being a youtube newbie like me!!!

    Hope you carry on doing them


  2. i love your voice - so nice and soothing!! xx

  3. Yay Stacey - YouTube newbies together!! xx

    Thanks Roshas!!! Im really not keen on my voice so I'm glad you don't find it annoying!! Hehe xx

  4. Great first video hun, re your lashes - have you ever tried Shiseido's mascara base? It's a clear base you put on under your mascara and it is the ONLY thing that keeps my lashes curled all day. If I don't use it they just natural drop as the day goes on but this really does hold the curl in place. It makes any mascara look better although I love it most when paired with YSL Singulier <3 Hope this helps :) xx

  5. Really good I'll have to keep an eye out for your videos :) x

  6. Thanks Jean! x

    Lisa - thanks for the tip! I've never even heard of that !! Def going to get some - sounds amazing!!!! x

  7. Damn my computer at work for not having sound!! I have no idea at the moment what you're talking about but you look great! :) I'll have to have another look when I get home!

  8. Northern?? :D whereabouts? It sounds Mancunian! love the blog! Your hair looks so shiny! xx

  9. Aww... You are soo pretty and as Roshas said you have such a nice voice! Love your video and can't wait for more!


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