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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Given my love for Bobbi Brown's Hydrating eye cream it was only natural that I would feel the same about their Hydrating face cream!

I purchased this at the same time as the eyecream as part of a set (it included mascara and makeup remover also) for £32.00.

The face cream normally retails at £33.00 for the full sized version. Mine is 15ml sized. As with the eyecream - a little bit goes a long way though so the set is worth having a look at if you want to give it a try.

Sooooo what's so special about this product? Well you know how it usually takes aaages in the morning with the serum, moisturizer, primer etc. Not any more - MUA at Bobbi Brown says this product has primers built in so it does the same job.


Whether it does have primer in or not all I can say is it does the job. I don't need primer anymore as my makeup glides on and stays on. And I really mean stays on. Which for me is a miracle because with other products, unless we are talking double wear by Estee Lauder, I end up with patchy skin by around midday where it is all coming off.

What more can a girl need.

So is it really that Hydrating? Yes, but for someone like me who can get dry patches you may still need to use a more intensive moisturiser at night. It is perfect for the day time though!

Again I am going to say try this and you will like it - and what could be better than cutting out all that time in the morning with your serum and primer!!
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  1. I have used this cream. This removes dark spots in skin and makes skin smooth and shine fair. This fragrance is actually calming and it works great as a night and day cream. The consistency is between lotion and cream and is a pale lilac color and comes in a nice handy pot. I feel a feather touch on my skin. face cream


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