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Sunday, 7 November 2010


I got the MUA to use this on me on my recent Bobbi Brown trip. Love it. Can't buy any more makeup this month though!!

However for those of you that wonder what it's like here you go:-

I really struggled to find any reviews of this online!!! But it is really fab - great if you have dry skin. Definitely a future purchase.
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  1. It looks gorgeous and dewy on your skin!
    Definately going to look into getting my hands on this :)

  2. Love the glow it is giving to your skin! WOW :)

  3. You ALWAYS have this beautiful glow love it

  4. Hi

    I just stumbled across your blog and left a massive comment on your how I lost 30lb post! I asked how you did it because I was so busy looking at the photos I did not notice that you have put how you did it lol! sorry
    I am going to read it now and like I said in the comment I left you have given me such inspiration. x

  5. @ The Brunette - wait! I wanna know too! I am struggling with weight loss right now & I really am ready to lose some lbs... help!! I guess I'm just gonna have to look for that post! =)

    @ giddy princess - this is an awesome foundation for you... your face looks so natural, like you have no makeup on... plus you have that healthy glow! pretty!

  6. This foundation looks gorgeous on you! definitely worth a look!!

  7. I'll check it out!
    You look gorgeous!


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