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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Well well, I've just found an amazing fake tan!!

So last week I was sent a sample of Famous Daves Tanning Mousse along with a Mitt to apply.

As you all know I am at a party later today so I decided to risk it an apply it on Thursday evening to see how it was

So I exfoliated and then moisturised (legs only). I let the moisturiser sink in for an hour and then applied the tan all over before bed using the mitt. It applied very smoothly and was not streaky on my skin at all. I then waited for it to dry (not long at all and does not feel tacky on skin) and put on bed clothes.

Next day - wake up and shower and voila TAN TIME! LIghter on the legs where I had moisturised but it didn't act as a complete barrier so I had nice even colour on the legs and the rest of my body.

I noticed that it definitely had a more golden tone than some of the other fake tans I had used. It wasn't really BROWN or orange either but was definitely dark. Which I love. And even my work colleague said I looked really tanned. When I told her I had fake tanned she immediately wanted to know what I had used because it "looked so even".

I applied again last night to ensure I am tanned to the max for tonight haha!! Please see result:-

It smells a teeny bit the next day - but not as much as most of the other products I have used! On application it smells like cherrys. Which I love always!

So what do I think?
I love it! Gorgeous even colour and fantastic application. I noted a girl had reviewed this tan a while back and had had issues with it streaking on application. This did not happen to me at all so I would say give it a go. They do a travel sized one for £9.99 which you could try. Or if you want to take the full plunge it retails at £19.99 and you can purchase here.


  1. This comes out a great colour on you!!

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  3. i have this stuff in the lotion, but still haven't tried it out yet

  4. I was just curious how long would you say the tan last? And would you say the results are very noticeable in the first application? Thanks!

  5. Hi Kristen - yes results defo noticeable on first application. It's quite dark. Think it lasted around a week but I'd done two applications.
    Hope this helps!

  6. Thank you so much!


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