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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Recently I went to MAC with the intention of purchasing this foundation if, after trying it, I liked it. The MUA was one step ahead of me and suggested I take a sample home to really get a feel for it.

I was pretty happy about this as normally I feel a little intimidated when I go to MAC - it's just so busy and you literally have to fight past all these glamazons to swatch a lippie. Hence why I normally don't bother! I was on a mission this day though and the lovely girl handed me the shade NC25 after I said that my skin was quite light and that most colours I choose ended up being too dark and orangey. It was a guess by her rather than a colour match but I think the shade is pretty decent - a little light if anything.

So off I went and tried it the very next day. I'm not going to lie the coverage of this made my skin look heavenly. Smooth and flawless. It's very buildable so I was able to hide blemishes (except dark circles).

Here are some pic's of me using the foundation (and just to clarify - I was not driving when taking the pic - I was sat on my drive about to set off and checking my makeup! hehe)

Intense stare times...

I know that my makeup is pretty basic on the car pic but this was just to show how matte and flawless my skin looks.

What I did find though was that in certain artificial lights it can look a bit heavy. Also, it started making my skin dryer and I noticed flaky patches appearing. This is a real shame because apart from that this foundation is perfect. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and resolved it?

I think given that it's £19 (one of the less expensive brands in selfridges) I will purchase this, but I'd restrict the use to nights out so as not to ruin my skin in these winter months.

One thing is for sure though I would definitely recommend it and can definitely see why it is so popular having now tried it.
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  1. i totally understand what u mean about MAC ive only gone once to the actual store an i hated it there was soo many people! n i told the lady that i didnt want anything yellow or dark orange on my skin! n she ends up putting on i think it was like a nc35 or 40! super yellow!! n my face had a tan! i looked like snookie! she was soo busy! so i left n ive gone to 2 counters an well it was better but the girl didnt want to match me unless i bought something! which was rude bcus ive never worn foundation ever!!! n i went last friday to get matched up but the girl couldnt at the time so i might go today! i jus dont want something heavy!

  2. Your skin looks amazing!!So matte and flawless!
    I havent yet try any Mac foundation and most of the girls that have try them have problems as I read!Maybe a stronger moisturizer???

  3. I would love to try one of MACs foundations but the colours a just not right for me at all, way too dark

  4. AWW! You look beautiful! Light and natural make up. :)


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