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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I tried this foundation for the first time on Saturday day time for a lunch date.

Using my normal routine of bobbi brown hydrating face cream I applied this on top and must say that I found it quite hard to work with. It's quite thick and a little difficult to blend with a brush. I think fingers may have been better. I had just exfoliated my face however, and actually managed to scratch it on my cheek which the foundation did cover beautifully.

It did look lovely from a little distance and I did get compliments on my skin but I just don't like it when makeup looks really heavy and cakey up close. So for me despite the coverage being good I won't be going back to this one.

However for those of you with normal non dry skin this would probably be a winner.


  1. gorgeous :)


  2. Thats too bad. I hate when foundation looks cakey. I will be steering clear of this one.

  3. That's too bad :( I hate it when foundations are hard to blend :/ Did you try applying it with a wet brush or a wet sponge? Maybe that could help :)



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