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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

So I decided to revisit this foundation. I had tried it in the past and decided that personally it didn't float my boat. (Previous post here)

It was worth trying again because my foundation applying technique has changed and I find that having moved to the cosmopolitan beauty blender my foundation is always smoother on application these days. Meaning it looks more flawless rather than cakey as it could previously.

So out it came and after wetting the blender and squeezing out the excess I poured the foundation onto the back of my hand and then from their to my face.

First thing I noted was that it was shade perfect (320 True Beige). Now that's rare. So far so good I thought.

Then I realised that whilst it definitely looked better it's still a bit "meh". I mean, my skin doesn't look bad. But it doesn't look amazing either. Here's some close ups for you all...

I think what I am not keen on is the fact that you can still see my flaws.  I noticed the pores weren't really covered and my skin didn't really look smooth.  Just covered.

Now I could and did go out with this on over the weekend and didn't feel like it looked bad or anything but I think the problem I have is this:-

It's not heavy enough.  Sounds strange I know but here is my position on these things.  If I wear a sheer foundation (eg. MUFE face and body or mineral makeup) I want it to look like I just have extremely good skin.  If I wear a fuller coverage foundation (estee lauder, this one, MAC studio fix) I want to look made up - not in a drag queen way but in a wow her makeup looks beautiful way.  And this foundation does neither.  It's in the in between camp which still doesn't do it for me.

I think I have used this like 5 times.  There is loads left and I have no use for it if I am honest.  Isn't it depressing how the search for the holy grail foundation often ends up like this.


  1. Oh what a shame because I think your skin looks beautiful!I am on the search for my HG under eye concealer, I;m currently using the New Witch one but my dark circles need something heavier. x

  2. I've tried this foundation and wasn't all that impressed with it either (I think I tried it a couple of times and ending up binning it). It looks a lot better on you than it did on me though! x


  3. Hmm I think it looks really good on you!! I used to have it in the dry skin version and thought was ok... I think Chanel Mat Lumiere could work very well for oilier types, I have dry, slightly combo and love it :) xx

  4. @Sherrie - you should definitely try Bobbi Brown's corrector and concealer. A bit pricey but does the job for me and last ages and you can build up etc. I think it's great for the more "angry" dark circle! x

  5. @Evelyn - yes I distinctly remember nearly binning this a year ago. It's ok I suppose. But defo not a re-purchaser. x

  6. @Urban Mermaid - yes I defo want some Chanel Mat Lumiere. Tried a sample of it and it just makes skin look divine doesn't it. A bit pricey though from what I recall. xx

  7. i LOVE the revlon colourstay, but it makes me break out SO bad! if it didn't, this would be my HG foundation! x

  8. I was v.disappointed too when I first tried the colourstay and abandoned it quite quick. I'm now back on it and enjoying it a lot more mainly cos I don't want as much coverage. I agree, it is not particularly heavy, love the colour range though. Also, love L'Oreal True Match for medium coverage.

  9. So glad I read this, was about to buy this foundation at the weekend. I feel exactly the same about foundation, either be natural or be a full on made up face. At the moment I use mac face and body as the more natural option and nars sheer matte when some full on glamour is needed but on the lookout for another heavier foundation... Am thinking of trying mac studio sculpt, have you used it?

    Love the blog,

    Ekaete xx

  10. I quite liked this foundation but I definetely understand when you say it's inbetween the 2 coverages!
    Love your lip colour x


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