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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hey ladies. Hope you're having a good wednesday!? I've had a hectic day but on my way home on the train (stood up and overcrowded) so not too bad really.

I wanted to quickly review this shampoo and conditioner because I like to share my experiences with you :)

I've done a quick YouTube review (demonstrating how my hair looked after use) on this also which you can get to through this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn_xGAa8cHw

Most of you will know I was sent some TRESemme naturals hair products a couple of months back which I absolutely LOVE and still use all the time.

The reason therefore for my partaking of Herbal Essences use was that I was at the boyfys house and my hair needed dealing with desperately and that was there!

Naturally, the first thing to mention is that of course it smells lovely! But that's expected from them exceptionally excited ladies on the adverts...

So what did I think?
Well it left my hair, smooth, silky and shiny. RESULT. I blast dried it after and then straightened and voilĂ !
(please see below)

Not bad eh!?

Even better? £2.09 each price tag peeps.

Can't complain at all. So I'd definitely recommend for girlies with 'normal' hair. Mines pretty dry and unruly and this worked well enough so I'd say a good buy.

And now I won't be so worried about forgetting my selection of hair products when I stop at the boyfs.

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  1. i LOVE herbal shampoos! they always smell amazing! and do their job when i saw the green bottle i thought it was from their line "drama clean" which i love bcus i USED to have super greasy hair but ever since i want half blonde i guess my scalp is still damaged bcus it doesnt produce as much oil! but ur hair looks soo shiny! n lovely!! thanks for the review!!


  2. I love the smell of Herbal Essences products. Your hair looks lovely as well x

  3. love it! would want to try this. I always thought this shampoo will be too dry for me but I guess its worth to give it ago!

  4. Love it! Your hair looks incredible~I want to try this!

  5. Herbal Essences smells AMAZING! Your hair looks like it's in such good condition! I'm jealous! LOL.. xx

  6. Herbal Essences smells great but i try it and the result gone bad its made my hair drier and lost the shines

  7. Great review! Your hair looks lovely and shiny! Would defo pick these up for a try ! Thanks x


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