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Saturday, 6 November 2010

I have been wanting to try Bobbi Brown products for a while now. Especially after receiving the Makeup Manual book off the boyf last Xmas.

So I trotted off to Selfridges after payday and decided that was the day I was going to take the plunge!

The lovely MUA did my concealer, foundation and blush so I am now colour matched. I have a sneaky list to leave lying around as a hint for Xmas hehe. I mean, needless to say I loved everything I tried.

One of the things I just couldn't leave without, however, was their Hydrating eye cream. The MUA used this prior to the concealer and I was hooked! It is literally really hydrating!!


Some of you may recall that I have previously mentioned issues with dark dark circles under my eyes and extreme dryness if I use the wrong products.

Most recently I had been using Cellnique's Contour C Complex. I did find this to be lightly moisturising. It is very light in texture. I've also used eye creams from garnier, soap and glory and boots plus many other drugstore brands in the past.


I was shocked at the consistency as it is so much thicker than other eye creams I have used. Yet it doesn't feel greasy or heavy.

It absorbes into the skin beautifully and creates a fantastic base for my concealer. It is much better than any of the previous eye creams/gels I have used. It doesn't sit in any fine lines and ensures my makeup sits nicely too.


It retails at £27.00. It worth every penny. My makeup looks smoother, the skin around my eyes feel softer and a little amount really goes a long way.

This product has made me rethink eye cream entirely. I believed most eye creams were pretty much the same. WRONG. It just goes to show that paying extra is really worth it with some products.

I will definitely be repurchasing this in future and all I would say is try it and you will love it!


  1. A good eye cream is hard to find. 27 isn't a bad price.

  2. Thanks for the review hun!!I love those kind of eyecreams!!That do work and mamke eye area softer!!

  3. I believe that expensive stuff are not expensive for nothing. Well, there may be exceptions, but generally, that's the truth.

    I would really pay for a Bobbi Brown. It's worth every penny. :)

    Great review, btw. :)


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