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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I am starting to feel a bit better now so I thought I would ease in on a makeup remover post given that my makeup has been a bit of a mess this past week or so I have been ill.

Every now and then I like to try and find a cheaper alternative to the Lancome's Eye Makeup Remover.

I stumbled upon this one and with it being L'Oreal I thought that it might be worth a shot.

Upon reading the bottle I noted it is said it is also for sensitive eyes. Definitely applies to my permanently bloodshot allergic to EVERYTHING peepers *_*

So my thoughts??
Unfortunately this product was no use to me. Firstly it was not strong enough to remove my waterproof mascara. The texture is not oily enough which I find is definitely required to remove tough mascara. Secondly, it left my eyes sore, dry and red. The redness could be excused as I only need to open them in the morning for that to happen and also I suppose for them to feel sore. So let me put it this way - they were redder and more irritated than usual. Plus swollen when I woke up in the morning despite rinsing.

I don't think that this is a bad product as such but definitely not one suited to me. I would not recommend this to anyone with sensitive eyes because it only makes them worse. But if you don't wear a lot of eyemakeup this may be suitable for you!


  1. I used to love Lancomes BiFacil until I discovered Boots No7 Cleanse&Care duo phase eyemakeup remover. I genuinely cannot find a difference between the two.. except the price! Try it if you havn't already!

    Feel better soon xoxo

  2. I totally agree with you on this, I've tried it out and my mascara was STILL there!

  3. I picked this up when it was on offer but I also find that it doesn't do much

  4. I don't know if you have ever tried the Balm's Balms Away makeup remover. Its amazing. Its not a liquid its almost like vaseline. It is incredibly gentle and it takes off even the most stubborn makeup. I actually did a review of it months ago here: http://www.funnyfacebeauty.com/2010/08/product-reviewthe-balms-balms-away-eye.html

    Hope that helps

  5. That's a shame that you didnt get on with it.
    Personally, I love this! I don't use waterproof so I'm OK :) Lol.
    That Lancome one is so good but expensive xx

  6. I'd suggest trying Garnier's double phase eye & lip makeup remover for waterproof makeup! It removes everything and it doesn't irritate my eyes :) You could also try olive oil :)



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