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Monday, 12 November 2012

Going on holiday

Wishing I didn't have so many freckles post holiday
and then wishing they were still there when the tan faded.

Moving to Manchester (finally) into my new apartment.

Going for meals with the boyf.  Mmmm Gauchos times below.

Love this dress (!)
And waiting for the internet to be set up.  Three weeks without it has been horrendous!! It's just not normal! It has finally been set up today so you will be seeing A LOT more of me!!!

Have a great day 


  1. Your new apartment looks lovely, hope you're settling in ok.x

  2. what is that towel bird on the bed? That's crazy. Hope you had a good holiday. x


    1. Haha, yes it is crazy - we also had an elephant!! Just one of those things that they do in those kind of hotels. Very very random! x


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