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Friday, 13 June 2014

PhD Woman Support and Recovery Toning Vanilla Creme - £21.59 (here)
PhD Woman Support and Recovery Toning Bar Chocolate Orange - £17.88 (here)
PhD Woman Shaker Cup - £4.99 (here)
Seeing as I am now back on a health kick I thought it was a perfect time to tell you about some of my favourite not so bad treats!  When I start a new fitness regime or diet plan I end up really going for it and then I either get to where I want to be or my social and work life gets in the way and I fall off the wagon.

Yes, I know - it should be a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix etc.  One day I will get to that stage but I am human and I struggle with self discipline.  I'm guessing I am not the only one out their and I have SERIOUS respect for all those of you that eat clean and healthy all the time - you are my inpso.

Anyway! PhD Woman specialise in providing protein products especially for females knowing that obviously our goals are not always the same as mens!

So when I was stocking up on protein (not quite but re-venturing into the world of protein shakes etc) earlier this year when trying a new intensive strength training plan, I really researched what would work for me and what I wanted, which was quite a lot of protein without a shed load of carbs because no matter what I eat it always seems I have a carb heavy diet despite my best efforts!

I found PhD Woman and had a read up of them here.  I found they had loads of tips and meal plans etc (here) and decided I was going to try these products. (They also have some fabulous offers on and I managed to catch one at the time!)  I chose the Toning range which aims to help with recovery.  There is also a weight control and energy range.

I like to have these on days when I might not be getting enough protein and I know some people say why can't you just eat it, but if you are training a lot you'd never stop eating chicken to get the recommended amount and sorry but chicken gets boring!

The vanilla creme is absolutely delightful.  Tastes like custard!  I like to have it alone with water and ICE, or for breakfast blended with strawberries or bananas!  Absolute heaven in a cup!

The bars are also lovely.  They do have that protein bar texture which I can't quite describe but I'd say dense… You will understand if you try.  I have to say I don't mind that texture though so it's not a negative.  I usually break it up into little pieces and savour!

Finally, the cup is just super handy and I better size than those huge ones you usually get. Somehow it just feels more feminine also.  I've not had to explain to people whether or not I am drinking protein like it's some crazy thing since having this cup which is also a bonus!

I would definitely recommend all these products and I will be repurchasing when I run out.  Even if you don't want to buy anything though I would definitely recommend the website as it's super informative!

Happy fitness ladies!
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