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Monday, 19 November 2012

Well for those of you that have been reading my recent posts you will know that I have recently moved what you probably don't know is that the worst part of packing was all my makeup, products, toiletries etc. It was actually insane and in the end much of it (and I am talking 2/3's) didn't make the journey to my new home. 

As a result of that experience I decided I needed my makeup to be more accessible as there were things in my collection I had not seen for years. 

Off I therefore went to Muji in the Trafford centre and spent £50 odd quid.  (And yes, it is totally worth it). 

I (somewhat foolishly) believed that my present collection would fit in the drawers I bought.  WRONG.  So I was glad I had brought my old feel unique beauty boxes for storing my lipstick and lip glosses!  I also ended up storing things rather ad-hocly in the split open top box in the middle (which was meant to be for jewellery!). 

I will buy some more though so eventually I can see EVERYTHING as it is so much fun when you are a beauty blogger being able to see and use all of your makeup!

Don't you agree?



  1. I have the muji too!! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I will be posting a makeup collection & storage on my blog tonight! check it out if you'd like <3

  2. wow all these make up great!!!
    love it

  3. I need to get to Muji. It is so much easier to find what you're looking for at a glance in this beautiful storage. My products are currently stuffed into messy draws :/

    Jen xx

  4. Cool cosmetics collection! Impressive blog!
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  5. I love my MUJI storage :) great post x

  6. I use the Muji drawers for my makeup storage. I do wish they did a size up for the drawers I must admit.

    Lea x

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  7. I really need to get my make up organised these look perfect !

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  8. Omg you have a monumental collection!Why don't you go through it in more detail?I'd love to read a post about it!KissesCoco

  9. loving these boxes. I have Muji ones but they're a frosted white plastic and possibly slightly bigger. I'm seriously tempted to get new ones! Lol xx


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