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Thursday, 20 May 2010

So today I picked up 17 Last Fix Nail Polish from Boots in shade "Sherbet Lemon". It looked stunning in the bottle and well, I simply love sherbet lemons!!

I was pretty excited to try this too as it was a pastelly yellow and given I seem to be obsessed with pastel anything at the moment (yes I am talking eyes, lips, nails, clothes!) I thought it would be very pretty.

Now I am not so sure, but I think that is down to the polish more than the colour as such!

Without Flash...

With Flash...

I am really not sure about this. I need to see it in natural light I think. It jus seems a bit too yellow at the moment rather than pastelly. But seriously talk about TERRIBLE brush. The bristles are a pain! It just streaks upon contact! Not good. Even after 2 -3 coats it is still streaky. Well I am not putting any more on or my nails won't dry for the rest of my life!
I seriously don't get it though because I already have nail varnishes in this range which are fine!!!!
What are your thoughts on the colour ladies???
Giddy P xx



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