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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hey there lovelies.

So I wanted to do a review for you on a cream eyeshadow I recently purchased at Superdrug.

The brand is ME ME ME and their product is the Colourama Cream Eye Shadows in shades Liquid Bronze, Chiffon Rose and Azure Blue. They retail for £5.50 each ordinarily but I picked them up for £3.99 each last Friday on offer.

I did try to find a website for this brand to link for you and also so you could see what the product is like. Unfortunately, it seems that they don't have one (!?) so here's a piccie of what they look like on the Superdrug site

I know they kind of look basic really here, but when you are in the store they do look quite pretty.
I tried them quickly on the back of my hand also and was please so I took them to the till to purchase!!
Anyway, here's a quick peek of what they look like...

with flash...
without flash...

From top to bottom the shades are:-
Chiffon Rose
Azure Blue
Liquid Bronze
Aren't they priiiiiiiiiity???
Advantages:- It has a great applicator that comes with - like the ones that you get in your lipgloss. The sponge with a gradient... And they are stunning colours - very pigmented!
Disadvantages:- They don't go on as smooth as I would like. I used to have a divine Benefit bronzing highlighter thingy which I doubled up as e/s -it used to just glide on, whereas this dries almost on contact, so I got an uneven finish.
However, I've been using my fingers so I will try and eyeshadow brush and I am sure it will be better. But I want cream e/s to be convenient! So shouldn't I be able to just slick it on and quickly rub in??
The colours more than make up for it though as they are so cute and I am happy to have these in my makeup collection. I don't think I would re-purchase at £5.50 each but I think that £3.99 was a reasonable price for them!
Giddy Princess xxx


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