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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ok so I don't want to spend ages reviewing this product, so this should be a quick post.

This product was an impulse buy when Boots were giving us £5 off No7 and Ruby and Millie products.

The plan was that it would give a nice "flush" to the cheeks and could perhaps be used as a base colour or maybe built up if I wanted it to be a bit deeper.

I was wrong. What a total waste of my money. It retails at £12.50 (day light robbery) so I paid £7.50. Still expensive if a product doesn't work...

Basically, I use this and all it does is create a layer of grease on my face. It is disgusting, even better it rubs off my makeup and highlights my pores. Lovely, if you want to look like a greasy mess. Also, I tried it as a lip stain - no colour and tastes vile.

It appears the daily mail agree also putting this under their "DON'T BOTHER" section of "rosy cheeks in the winter weeks" article.

There are (surprisingly) some positive reviews on the makeupalley.com website, but I would still say steer clear.

Sorry this couldn't be a more positive review :( I was hoping to bring good news but unfortunately, it just doesn't cut it.

Giddy Princess xx


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