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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Firstly, just let me say this:-

I freaking loved this shop. As much as I would love to be fashionable, really I am a basic tee's and jeans kinda girl. So this place was amazing to me. Graphic tee's for $10!!! Loads of teeny casual shorts, hoodies, flip flops, skinnies (I mean jeans not people).

And the big billboard in front of it!!!

Yes I know, I am easily pleased, but the city I live in isn't much of a city so forgive me.

Anyhooooow!! I didn't go wild because at the end of the day I buy t-shirts all the time haha. And I knew that if I basically bought shed loads of summer clothes I'd regret it because we don't get a summer in the UK!

Here's what I did buy however...
Still not bad. So the tee's were only $10 each!! How good is that, and so far so good - they have retained their shape (unlike some more expensive ones I have purchased in the past!).
The shorts were bought because it was like freaking 80 degrees or something when I got there and was bored of wearing my going out ones haha!! (oh yeah, and then I never wore them cos the sun went in!!).
The jeans were like $30 and the grey top was like $29.50 I think. I lived in that grey top too in NYC in end because it got so windy!!!
Oh! And not to forget the mini roll on perfume at $12 something. LOVE IT. It hasn't left my handbag!!
Oooooo and the best bit?? I have found out that I can purchase online and that they ship to UK (yay!) at ae.com
Happy times...
Giddy P


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