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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Hello ladies,

it's been a while, but I am now back from my little trip to NYC. DEPRESSION!

Anyway, I would have loved to have posted to you from there, but unfortunately I was just too busy sightseeing, cocktail drinking and shopping!! So didn't want to do a half hearted post just for sake of it...

Sooooooooooo I am still somewhat jet lagged, but I am out for a girlie's b'day tonight so it should help me party to all hours hehe!! But because I am a little tired, and very busy at the mo I thought I would give you a quick post showing you my purchases in NYC - I will tell you more about them shortly but here's a taster:-

How much do you love the Michael Kors bag!!!? So pretty.... And I got my gorgeous Toms espadrilles, yay!!!
As you can see I picked up some clothing and makeup too!!
More on all the above later ladies...
Giddy Princess xxx
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