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Monday, 17 May 2010

Giddy Princess here once again...

Just a quick post to show you my new nail colour. Love love love. It's Barry M (I know I know, what a surprise I hear you say!! But they were two for a £5er!!) and its in shade #304 "mint green".

Tried to do a NOTD when I put it on on Sat night, but it wouldn't show up properly on my camera. However I stumbled across this beauty of a pic and thought this would demonstrate it in it's true glory. Even if I do look like I have hands like shovels and an alien head...

Isn't it pretty though!!? I love it, although it's a bit OTT for work so I am now wearing shade #310 "mushroom" which was the other purchase in the 2 for £5er. I love this colour also, however again I do not seem to be able to take good photies at the mo!! So I will wait until I manage to "capture" the colour once again!!
Night all
Giddy P xx


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