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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hey again...

I just wanted to show some love to a new lipstick I have recently tried alongside one I use all the time.

Like many of you out there, I have recently found the new MUA range at Superdrug and pretty much went wild and bought every product haha!! One I have been wearing all weekend though is a pretty lipstick in shade 2. Its a stunning deep purpley pink which can be seen here ...

Alone, it can be a teeny bit too dry for me, so I have been mixing it with my favourite lipstick - the beautiful Estee Lauder Pure Colour in Crystal Baby...

Crystal baby is a really pretty light pink. It's slightly glossy and I love it because it isn't drying on my lips. In fact, its the kind of colour I look for in a lipgloss but can never find! Using it as a base for the MUA in shade 2 I found that the colour that I got is still a pinky purple, but that it's more like an intense girlie pink yet still quite natural. I found that it was slightly more flattering as the colour was not as dark and still managed to make me look a little more made up than the crystal baby because it highlights the edges of your lips, so that you don't need lip liner. I liked it because it made my lips look more defined, but the colour wasn't so intense that I felt like a fool wearing it!

I will definately be wearing it again and think it's a very good colour given that it only cost me £1.00. It's by far been the best MUA purchase I have made as some of the other colours I have not been as keen on.

I am going to try mixing some of my other lipsticks with my Crystal Baby lipstick and let you know how I get on - it really does seem to be working as a really good base colour!

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