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Monday, 9 June 2014

Miss Sporty Pump Up Mascara - £3.99 (here)

So without going over old ground most mascaras are a nightmare for my eyelashes.  In short, they point downwards and I have to spend 5 minutes curling them every day to get my eyes to look awake!  What I don't need therefore is a super wet mascara that will immediately cause the curl to drop, which most do.


I had a real combination going on for years.  Miss Sport Fab Lash and later on Miss Sporty Studio Lash - both waterproof.  Followed by Revlon Fabulash Waterproof Mascara.  Both were pretty good at keeping my lashes curled and volumised.  Until late last year when I came to replace my Miss Sport Waterproof and it was gone.  It still annoys me now!  Why do brands do that without any warning!?  If I had known I could have at least bought 20 or something given they were so cheap.

Anyway, after going into town the other day on the off chance there may be some similar version I decided to pick this mascara up.  I didn't hold out much hope for it working as I need it to but you never know.

Unfortunately, for me this is too wet and drops the curl.  When I recurl again (which you aren't supposed to do on top of mascara but I have no choice at this stage), the results are less than impressive.  My lashes look longer but not volumised.  

In short, I would not recommend this product.  Unfortunately, I don't thin it performs very well and despite my specialised needs I don't think it would cause amazing results for anyone!



  1. Oh dear, I hate wet mascaras, will avoid this one so :)
    xxx Marina
    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

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