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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Pro Formula Cleansing Oil - £4.99 (here)
Pro Formula Micellar Water -  £3.99 (here)
Treacle Moon - Bath and Shower Gel - £2.99 (here)

Whether you are saving for a holiday, at uni, saving for a house, saving for a wedding, or just generally trying to keep spends down, there is always a reason to pick up a bargain when it comes to health and beauty products.

Top on my list for finding products like this are supermarkets.  Always.  I used to spend hours buying clothes, makeup and skin care from Tesco and some of the other supermarkets out there.  These days, living in the city centre I don't really have that luxury and miss the opportunity for a good supermarket haul!

As a result, I also find I often end up spending quite a lot on day to day products.  Definitely going to be making a conscious effort to venture back to Tesco to mix up my beauty product collection seeing as these have been such a success!

Treacle Moon Mango Thoughts

This shower gel is super fruity and smells so sweet without being sickly. I absolutely love it.  Usually I use Imperial Leather Foam Burst Shower Gel but it's not had a look in since getting this!  It froths up nicely and leaves you feeling clean and moisturised!  Perfect!  It is also alcohol free.

are so many more scrumptious sounding Treacle Moon products here, including "coconut island", "lemonade days" and "strawberry dream".

Pro Formula Cleansing Oil

So initially I got a bit carried away with this and used it as a moisturiser.  I have no idea why.  I just assumed that's what it was!  As a moisturiser it is totally amazing - lasts for ages and leaves skin so much more nourished, which is something I am struggling to get from most of my moisturisers at the moment.

Using this correctly though, as a cleanser I also found it worked a treat.  My makeup slides off and my skin feels supple.  That said, you then have to rinse.  This doesn't take away the moisture effect but is a definite must for me or I would end up with swollen irritated eyes in the morning!

I'd definitely recommend this as either a moisturiser or cleanser!

Pro Formula Micellar Water 

This is a non-harsh cleansing water.  I use this to remove the oil from the cleansing oil or any traces of makeup.  I also use it before applying my moisturiser in the morning once I have washed my face.  It just helps my face from feeling tight.

I like this product too. It's very understated in that I don't think it will create any miracle changes to my skin but it feels as nice as my Lancome toner.  It smells refreshing and light and reminds me of cucumbers.  I'd recommend this if you don't need anything too specialist and have sensitive skin as it's perfect on mine.



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