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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Purchase at Boots (link) for £4.99

Every now and then I like to raid the drugstore makeup isles and go bargain hunting.   Technically, it's only a bargain if a product is good, but there is something about going to all the stands and picking up a load of different items for a lot less than you would in Selfridges for example.

So not so long ago I did just that and this primer was one of the items I came away with.

I do like the idea of primers, I have used a few that I have liked in the past but usually they change the formula and it means it no longer works as well (in my experience).  

This primer is meant to 'help you achieve picture perfect preparation' for your makeup.  

So what did I think?

I'd say that this primer is average to good.  I would recommend it if you were new to primers and wanted to try them out on your skin.  This primer evens out the surface of your skin.  It glides on and dries in pretty quickly to leave a smooth even surface for application.  

I don't notice a difference however to how my makeup looks upon application and that is something I really like about other primers. 

Also, I would say that this makes my makeup last a little longer, but on the whole I still need to touch up on the t-zone after a few hours. 

I do use this, however it's not good enough to make me want to use it daily, but for £4.99 it's probably worth a try if you have normal skin. 



  1. Nice review!


  2. great post :)


  3. they say it minimise pores but i dont think it works for oily types..anything that is 'photo'or'illuminating' sort of..would never work on oily skin:( x

    1. I know - it's so hard to know which to actually use! xx

  4. oooh fabulous thanks for sharing

  5. Great post, thanks! I'm always unsure about primers xx

    1. Thank you - me too - I always feel like they are a bit of a con but I think I have had some that do work... x


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