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Sunday, 10 June 2012

All from Forever 21 - links below!
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So the boys is watching the football -  booooo! 


So this afternoon/evening is one of surfing the net looking for holiday inspiration!  So much more fun than watching the football haha!

These beauties are from Forever 21 and are just gorgeous.  Now I know there are some truly bikinis out there but there is no way I am spending a fortune on two bits of material that are going to get covered in suncream, sand and sea.  What is the point!?

So these are perfect as they are soooo cheap.  They don't come to more than £15 so it means that I can wear them without worrying about ruining them!! 

There are loads of other cheapies on the F21 website too in case any of you ladies are also going away - and good news - you can buy the top and bottoms separately! Result for me with my bigger chest!! haha.


  1. These bikinis are great! Lucky you, that you can buy the tops and bottoms separately, I love F21! Nice post XX

    1. I know!!! I love it when I can get them separately! Thank you xx

  2. Ooh they're lovely, think I might take a trip into F21 and have a look. Bikinis is the one thing I haven't got for my holidays yet x

    1. Definitely worth a trip - although it's too far from me so I will have to shop online. can't believe they don't have F21 in manchester yet!

  3. Forever 21 bikinis are my favorites! For the price the quality and selection is awesome:)


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