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Sunday, 24 June 2012

I  know they look it but these are not actually the same colour!! The low blazers are more a blue than grey...

Scrummy Food!!!
Was sooooo stuffed after this!

Hey lovelies!! How are you all? 

 Hope you had a fabulous week and weekend. I know I haven't posted for a few days but that's because I was super busy before having Friday off work to go to Edinburgh for the weekend. I've never been before but I really enjoyed it. Had some fabulous fun with the boyf - as always (xxxx). 

 I didn't take too many pictures in the end because on the first day it was raining quite a lot and there were also a lot of road works interfering with the view. That and my poor camera quality just made it too tricky really but I did take a couple of mobile pictures for you as you can see above...

Loving that the boyf made me buy two pairs of trainers (I have been building up to buying some for a while and couldn't decide so I got two cos the boyf said he'd buy one pair if I got the other. Love my boyfy xxx)

 I got to wear my new ASOS Aggie Boots that I purchased last week too. I was so excited that they arrived before I went away and they were just what I needed for my meals and drinks outfit below.

ASOS Aggie (Beauts) Boots!  

 Also - it's my birthday tomorrow!!! Yay! I love birthdays, but booo - I am now on the wrong side of 25! Eeeeeek!! I'm off to have a meal tomorrow night which will be fun. Hopefully I will get some blog interesting presents to share with you!!



  1. Trainers look lovely! That was so sweet of your boyfriend :) sounds like you had a lovely time x x

  2. love those trainers, so cool! and from what i can see, your outfit with the boots looks lovely :) xxx

  3. The burgers look sooo tasty! and like your yellow shoes

  4. Hello!!!
    I just found your blog!!
    I love it!!!

    I made a blog a couple of months ago!
    I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!!
    Thank you!!!



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