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Monday, 18 June 2012

Asos Aggie Tan Boot £22 here (<---link)

So I am still no closer to finding a dress for the ball.  And I just don't want to have to go trying a load on. Plus I am more concerned with what I can wear during the rubbish English weather!! 

I didn't sleep very well last night so I was tired and miserable today.   Lack of sleep and me do not go well.  So I bought some boots.  Why not.  I am off to Edinburgh for my birthday this weekend and I wanted something I could wear that was casual with a heel.  They are suede so they are going to get ruined because I will be wearing them and it will be raining.

Such is life.

There were £22 from asos!  Link is above. 

I love them and cannot wait for them to arrive!!!  Will be throwing them on with my parka jacket and michael kors brown nyc memories tote bag!!

(PS.  apologies to all those that have already seen these on instagram!!)


  1. CUTE!!


  2. I love these!! Can't believe they are only £22! ASOS do the best sales X

  3. Boots are gorgeous, I've never bought shoes from ASOS before what are their sizes like? I've had trouble in the past when ordering shoes online. Also I love Edinburgh for shopping it's awesome :)

  4. Those boots are so gorgeous, ive been looking for some like that for ages and their only £22 and i'm totally gutted now because they don't have my size left! xo


  5. How was Edinburgh? I really want to go! Cute blog :)



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