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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Purchase for £17.50 here

As most of you now know, naturally my hair is pretty curly and because I no longer have it chemically straightened, it's a bit of a battle to wear it straight. 

It takes a good hair cut, lots of products, and a good initial blow dry. 

You see, if I straighten my hair from curly, or just blast dry and then straighten it my hair just looks dry and flat.  Not a look I am going for - obvs.

Therefore it is really important that when I wear it straight I get a good blow dry in first and seeing that I am doing it myself I like to make it as easy as possible!!

Which means a good brush. 

My recent brush is now a few years old and needed updating so when I was offered the chance to review the GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush I snapped up the opportunity as I am a GHD straightener user and have used some of their hair care range over the past 10 years (eeeek - old much!).

This is another GHD product that didn't disappoint!  It makes drying nice and easy and makes my hair nice and smooth and shiny.  I wouldn't say that it sped up drying time but I think that is because I am still getting used to it - my previous hairbrush had a much thicker handle and this one is definitely thin!!  It takes some getting used to with my clumsy hands!!

I do really like the finish it gives my hair though, it makes it really easy to then straighten - which is hard at the moment because i need a good cut!!

I would definitely recommend and think it is totally worth the money as it's hard wearing too (I had it in my travel case against my makeup bag and it didn't disfigure the bristles at all which is very good!)  


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  3. my hair is an awful mess - i need one of these brushes - check out the new look giveaway on my blog - its a goo dun x

    1. Mine desperately needs a cut - definitely need a brush like this!


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