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Monday, 31 January 2011

Well lovelies I hope you have all got through Monday!

I dont know about you but I suffer from some serious Monday blues at this time of year.

To try and perk things up I was hoping to have 2 new videos uploaded for you tonight but YouTube wasn't playing! So that will have to wait until tomorrow night now.

I've also been making a nice little note of LOTS of inspiring ideas for posts for you all. I have all my Xmas products to review yet, IMATS haul/reviews in addition to my January favourites!! (can't believe January is over already!)

So I'm going to get drafting so that you lovelies have something yo read real soonie! Keep your pretty little peepers open *_* for lots of reviews and swatches ooo and a Valentines Day makeup look in the very near future!!


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Monday, 24 January 2011

Ok, so who's going!!?

And if you are - are you as excited as me!???

I did a bit of research yesterday and now I cannot wait for Saturday. I think the bank card is going to take a bit of a hammering! Thank goodness it's almost pay day hehe.

I'm heading down with L from Beautifully Addicted To by train on Friday. And we are excited about that alone! I love girlie trian journeys - magazines... nibbles... and gossiping!! Fabulous.

Then it's hopefully all going to be about cocktails and food on Friday nighty with an early start on Saturday to get our beauty blogging selves down to Alexandra Palace for some serious beauty buying!! Eeeek.

So what which stalls will I be looking out for?? These badboys:-

Cazcarra Image Group
Crown Brush
Naked Cosmetics
NYX Professional Cosmetics
Sleek Makeup

Like most of you ladies no doubt!!

I hope to see some of you there! xxx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

Hope you are all having a nice chilled day...

I am currently researching IMATs for next week - may do a little postie later - so much I want to see when I am there!! May have to up the budget!

Anyway, on to the topic of the post...

Tottles - yes you read right Tottles!! This is Montagne Jeunesse's packaging different to the older sachet style packets. Toggles are a cross between bottles and tubes.

I like it...

Here's my little collection :)

Now I've always been a lover of Montagne Jeunesse Masks. I mean for like forever. I remember Saturday nights in with my sissy and these as far back as 10 years ago!! My fave was always the sauna one that gets hot when you apply it!!

These beauties are great too!! I've been using these at the weekend after a week full of a full face of slap! It's good to chill out for a bit and if I put a face mask on it usually forces me to take 10 mins time out.
My favourite from the above it the Dark Chocolate one - it smells AMAZING!

I don't know if it makes such a massive difference to my skin realistically when I use it. I mean I don't remove them and think - wow - I feel like I have new skin. That said, they retail for £4.99 for the tottles, so for that price I think that they are great. My skin feels clean and smooth, but I always find I have to moisturise or it feels tight afterwards.

I have very very dry skin though which will be why!

I will definitely always have a stock of these in my cupboard though for both the chill out factor and the sense of nostaglia when I use them! And now that they have introduced the Toggles they can't go wrong - up to 10 applications! Better than those days where there would always be loads left in the sachet but you couldn't keep it fresh!

*sent to me for reviewing purposes

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Christina Marie!!

Well Done - email coming your way sweetie!
*results through random.org*
So yesterday I received notification that Tesco has launched a new health and beauty service.

The service is to include hairdressing, nail and threading bars. I don't know about you but I think this is a fab idea!

I personally have NO time in the week to go anywhere after work and at the weekends, I like to avoid going into town if I can avoid it. I just don't want to walk around with ALL the other people shopping mindlessly.

One thing I can't give up though is a trip to the supermarket. And these days, with them being so multi purpose - I get a lot of my essentials from their. (Including bits of shoes, jewellery and clothes at times).

So, why not extend that to beauty services!!? It makes perfect sense for the convenience!

"I'm off to get the groceries! Oh, and while I'm out I'm getting my hair and nails done! In a bit!" haha. I love the thought. Particularly because it means I can kind of multi task on a Saturday then rather than having to drive all over the show to get things done.

And I am not just talking getting my hair and nails done. I would also be able to pick up hair products like my Redken faves at the supermarket! RESULT. Saves me trekking into town!

Anyway, so you can keep your eyes open...
Nail bars and threading are being trialled in Wembley, Cambridge Bar Hill, Milton Keynes Kingston and Manchester (Walkden).

There are also standalone beauty salons, offering hairdressing also at Leicester and Chesterfield from January 31st.

Oh - and no appointments required ladies! I only hope that doesn't mean that if you want a service you can't get it because it's two busy!! That would be annoying.

Aside from that potential downside though I still think this is a great idea and would definitely expect to give it a go at some point. What about you???

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Take a look if you fancy...

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Monday, 17 January 2011

Using shades from the Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette (see YouTube for details)
Rimmel Indian Pink Lip Liner
MUA Shade 3
Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner - Teal shade.

See here...

Sunday, 16 January 2011

I love that Boots do this...

Every year you get chance to pick up some bargains when they reduce all the 3 for 2 gifts by 50%. MAJOR SAVINGS, particularly on brands such as Ruby and Millie and No7.

I only got to go down today so I think that most of the bargains will have been snapped up some time ago when I think back to how much stuff there was left before Christmas!

But just to be clear I managed to pick up the Ruby and Millie palette and brush, along with the Umberto Giannini hair set for half price. I also picked up the Urban Decay Primer Potion and Cosmopolitan's Makeup Sponge! Cannot wait to try!

(especially happy I managed to pick up the highly raved about "Backcomb in a Bottle")

I also can't wait to try all these beauties that I recently received in the post!! Tesco have a new styling range where everything is £2.00! Bargain or what!?

My hair is going to be getting A LOT of styling over the next few weekends so that I can try everything out!
So recently I was having a nosey at the beauty trends for 2011 and came across this...

picture from vogue

It made me want to do something bright with my eyes as I often stick to similar colours such as golds and browns because they are safe and easy to use.
So this was the look that I ended up creating using the Sleek Circus Palette. I used the white in the inner corners of my eyes and beneath the brows to the crease of my lid. Then used yellow all over up to the crease and then blended the orange over the top at the outer corners. Finally, along the bottom lashes I used the green.

I actually really like the end result and think with hair down and some false lashes it would be pretty smoking for a night out!!

The other products I used were:-
L'oreal High Definition Smoothing Foundation
Primark Bronzer
Nars Blush - Orgasm
Primark Shimmer Balls
Maybelline Superstay Lip Colour - Coral

Saturday, 15 January 2011

So as you know now from time to time I find my self in serious need of a hair wash whilst away from my usual shampoo and conditioner. This time I got to try out Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner.

Firstly, this smells DIVINE - totally coconutty (which I love!). The smell lasts for ages too - even after drying and straightening! I just love it when I get whiffs of my clean scented hair!

So these products lather and apply like any normal shampoo and conditioner really. Aside from the smell - I didn't notice anything spectacular about them. But nevertheless my hair was left shiny and soft. See below...

One thing I did notice however was that my hair was slightly more flyaway than usual so I didn't get to wear it down for long before it started to bug me!

That said, I still think that this would be a perfectly good shampoo and conditioner to purchase if you want a cheap nicely scented product to do the job. For me though, I need something that it just a little more moisturising to feel that it has done the job I need!

If you fancy this - or fancy a good sniff at least - just look for the blue bottle!

Monday, 10 January 2011

I remember first seeing Pretty Powerful when I was in a yellow taxi in New York in May. There I was travelling along taking in the sights whilst also viewing the inner taxi tv.

Loved it. That in itself was an amazing experience, like just about everything else in NYC.

The ladies in the advert were all beautiful and all totally different, which is what I love about Bobbi Brown - it celebrates the beauty in every woman and shows us how to accentuate our best bits with beautifully lined eyes, flushed cheeks and pink lips.

Anyway, intros aside - I've just been having a nosey on Selfridges UK website and stumbled across this beautiful palette...

Powerful Face Palette

Pretty Face Palette

To me the colours perfectly match those I witnessed during my cab ride and now I just want it!! It retails at £42.00.

Hopefully if I buy it I will look like the DIVINE models in my Bobbi Brown Makeup Manuals!! Haha. I can dream!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

After having a nosey at New Look's collection for this SS I took a look at River Island's offerings. I wouldn't say that they are as accessible (price wise) and as wearable as New Look's, but here are some of my favourites...

£44.99 dungarees

£34.99 maxi dress

£29.99 top

£26.99 shorts

Price not yet available

I particularly love the bottom too - especially the blue top and pink shorts. I think that look would be really cute with the acid makeup trend that seems to be heading our way!

What do you think ladies?

Saturday, 8 January 2011

I don't know about you, but I always find the thought of natural products appealing. After a working week of wearing long wear makeup when it comes to Saturday I just want to take everything off my skin and leave it soothed and refreshed.

So this morning before donning mineral makeup only, I gave the toner and serum detailed above a go.

The toner has no scent and is very gentle on my skin. It left my skin feeling clean and refreshed, without being tight and dry.

The day serum is to be used in replace of a moisturiser. Usually, I tend to use serums beneath moisturiser but I did not need to with this. The serum's consistency is pretty similar to a moisturiser really. My skin felt moisturised, but not greasy and my mineral makeup went on nicely with it.

My thoughts?
The products are nice and do feel good on my skin but I don't know if I would rush out to purchase. The serum can be purchased online at eydirect.com for £24.99 and the toner is £13.99. I think that is what makes me hesitant to purchase any of the products. For the price I would expect a product to do a little more than my average toner and moisturiser.

I will continue to use my samples and let you know if my opinion changes but I don't think that I will notice a difference in my skin, or makeup application by the time I have finished them - which is what I would be looking for.

If you don't mind paying these prices though I would still say you could do a lot worse than purchase products that don't aggravate or strip the skin and for that reason they may be good for those with more sensitive skin.

Anyone else tried anything from this range?

*these products were sent to me

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Ahhhhh, don't you just love a new season. The promise of new and pretty things that make us all want to purchase and "recreate", whether it be makeup, clothes or anything else for that matter.

So naturally given the time of year I have been scouting what is out there and found these beauties and had to share them with you...

Jump Suit £39.99

Top £29.99, Shorts £25.99

Jacket £26.99, Vest £4.99, Trousers £26.99

*my favey*

So cheap and so pretty! Love love love!!! Please let there be some warm weather so I actually have an excuse to buy this stuff!
Right you beauties - a couple of things...

Weight loss:

I am pleased to say that I got weighed at Weight Watchers tonight and I have lost 1 lb since Christmas. Very happy seeing as realistically I have being dieting since Tuesday! Very motivated to continue now and almost went for a run (it is however cold, dark and perhaps a little late for that tonight - but exercise will be something I begin again soon!)

Amazing TRESemme Giveaway:

The winner will hopefully be announced this weekend! There were so many entries it is going to take me a while to collate all this info! As soon as I have done the draw I will pop the winner on here so keep your eyes peeled!


None this week so far!! Aren't I good!

Had a bit of a shopping spree over xmas period (mostly for others!) and as you know I also received some fab gifts - so no makeup or clothes shopping for me just yet! Trying to save some pennies :D

IMATs London:

Not long now!!! Who's going??

And Finally, Favourite look at the moment:

The sirens in Tron Legacy - this one in particular. Defo going to be trying to recreate this.

I feel a fancy dress outfit coming on...

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Wearing faux fur... Playing with my new MAC makeup... Dying my hair Deep Reddish Brown (you can't tell here but it's this colour again)...

Oh, and wearing patterns and prints with over the knee boots...

*Fake Fur Coat - xmas gift
* Over the Knee Studded Boots (just seen) - New Look sale purchase

What have you ladies been up to???

Giddy Princess = spoilt girlie xx
*reviews coming soon

So first and foremost... Welcome new followers and thank you for sticking around faithfuls whilst I have been MIA. As some of you will already know - I was taking a much needed break from all forms of technology in the lead up to and during xmas and new year. Life just got a bit too hectic. Now I am back and would like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ok so it's that time of year where I've done a little too much over-indulging (vino and food) and it's therefore only right that I put an immediate stop to it.

You see, as some of you will remember from my earlier post, around a year ago I finished my weight loss journey 30lbs lighter than when I embarked on the same and it was truly one of the best (if not the best) experiences in my life.

I changed my approach to food and did between 3.5 - 7 miles walking everyday. It was not just about how I looked (but that was of course a major factor) but also how different I felt.

Now without boring you all too much about how great and motivated I felt I will move onto the more recent part of this story. The part where I have begun to slip into my old ways. Eating out, drinking, sweets, chocolate and full fat ice cream and cakes...

And no, I can't blame it on Christmas because that would mean I'd been celebrating Christmas for around 3 months now!

What I do blame it on however is the fact that I am still getting used to commenting for 2 hours each day, along with working in a place that does not allow microwaves, kettles and toasters due to health and safety!

Yes - gone are my porridge and weight watchers soup days. Sadly replaced by jam covered bagels and deep filled chicken and avocado pret a manger sandwiches. It's a wonder I have only gained 6 lbs! But I can't kid myself - really it's more like 8lbs if I think of the weight I was when I went to NYC last may.

Hmmmmm, that's over half a stone and when you're 5 foot nothing not only does that make a definite difference but it also marks the start of an uphill climb back to unhealthy land.

So I have therefore decided to put a stop to all my weak willed antics! And began today. I have been really good and have no intention of slipping. Which is why I refuse to call this a new years resolution. If I did I wouldn't even last the day.

So the next thing I need to tackle is my lack of exercise.

And I mean useful exercise that actually makes the lbs drop off, we can all walk to the shops at lunch and convince ourself it's us being active! But I can no longer do my walking due to the time I get in and don't really want to pay for a gym when

A) I just don't enjoy sweating in front of other people and breathing in all their germs these days -and;
B) I cannot see me actually going given I have like 2-3 hours to do everything if I'm lucky when I get home in evening (as well as trying to see the boyf, family and friends)

Any suggestions (workout DVDs with actual results?) are more than welcome and I would love to hear them.

Hopefully I will one day look like this again!!!! (with better taste in bikinis!!)

However in the meantime, I really must find a seat on the train while I think about how hungry I am, carry my long umbrella, handbag (giving me a bad back) on one arm whilst trying to read, blog on my phone and keep my balance with the other.

Who says I'm not active!! Haha...