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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

Hope you are all having a nice chilled day...

I am currently researching IMATs for next week - may do a little postie later - so much I want to see when I am there!! May have to up the budget!

Anyway, on to the topic of the post...

Tottles - yes you read right Tottles!! This is Montagne Jeunesse's packaging different to the older sachet style packets. Toggles are a cross between bottles and tubes.

I like it...

Here's my little collection :)

Now I've always been a lover of Montagne Jeunesse Masks. I mean for like forever. I remember Saturday nights in with my sissy and these as far back as 10 years ago!! My fave was always the sauna one that gets hot when you apply it!!

These beauties are great too!! I've been using these at the weekend after a week full of a full face of slap! It's good to chill out for a bit and if I put a face mask on it usually forces me to take 10 mins time out.
My favourite from the above it the Dark Chocolate one - it smells AMAZING!

I don't know if it makes such a massive difference to my skin realistically when I use it. I mean I don't remove them and think - wow - I feel like I have new skin. That said, they retail for £4.99 for the tottles, so for that price I think that they are great. My skin feels clean and smooth, but I always find I have to moisturise or it feels tight afterwards.

I have very very dry skin though which will be why!

I will definitely always have a stock of these in my cupboard though for both the chill out factor and the sense of nostaglia when I use them! And now that they have introduced the Toggles they can't go wrong - up to 10 applications! Better than those days where there would always be loads left in the sachet but you couldn't keep it fresh!

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  1. that is so cool! we don't have the ones with caps just yet..U__U only packets..

  2. I have done a sachet one tonight! I might have to pick up some tottles! I love these on a sunday evening, like you say nice to give your skin a break! xx


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