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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Right you beauties - a couple of things...

Weight loss:

I am pleased to say that I got weighed at Weight Watchers tonight and I have lost 1 lb since Christmas. Very happy seeing as realistically I have being dieting since Tuesday! Very motivated to continue now and almost went for a run (it is however cold, dark and perhaps a little late for that tonight - but exercise will be something I begin again soon!)

Amazing TRESemme Giveaway:

The winner will hopefully be announced this weekend! There were so many entries it is going to take me a while to collate all this info! As soon as I have done the draw I will pop the winner on here so keep your eyes peeled!


None this week so far!! Aren't I good!

Had a bit of a shopping spree over xmas period (mostly for others!) and as you know I also received some fab gifts - so no makeup or clothes shopping for me just yet! Trying to save some pennies :D

IMATs London:

Not long now!!! Who's going??

And Finally, Favourite look at the moment:

The sirens in Tron Legacy - this one in particular. Defo going to be trying to recreate this.

I feel a fancy dress outfit coming on...


  1. Awesome post!! I also love the Tron looks!! ♥

  2. i got my imats tickets the other night! am so excited to be going =) congrats on the weight loss!x

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss plan. I can't wait to see your coverage of IMATS London!


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