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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Wearing faux fur... Playing with my new MAC makeup... Dying my hair Deep Reddish Brown (you can't tell here but it's this colour again)...

Oh, and wearing patterns and prints with over the knee boots...

*Fake Fur Coat - xmas gift
* Over the Knee Studded Boots (just seen) - New Look sale purchase

What have you ladies been up to???

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  1. looove those tights lady! ...hmm, sadly I have mostly been wearing UGGS and duvet coats! :P ... dang Glasgow winter! ;)

    a x

  2. Loving the coat! Was considering getting one, but before we know it Spring will pop up and the Winter coats will be confined to the wardrobe :/ I've been doing college work 24/7!

  3. Those tights are super cute! :)

    Kaushal xx

  4. Thanks for the update! I love MAC makeup. Looking forward to more posts on that subject!

  5. What a cute outfit and hair suits you alot! :)

  6. Oh I love your pattern tights...cute~~ :D
    Been starting my orchestra practice again after a 2 week hiatus. :) And been going over make up stash...what to throw what to keep *sad*



  7. your heart tights are very cute. i miss the ones i got from american apparel... i ripped them really bad. heehee


  8. it really suits you ! love your makeup too x

  9. I absolutely love your faux fur coat! I love leopard print and I really wanted to get one similar to yours but I'm not brave enough :( I also adore your cute heart tights (hopefully when I will lose some weight and tone my legs I will be able to wear something else than 100 denier tights :( ) You are soo beautiful and you are an inspiration to me. Wishing you an amazing 2011 year xx.


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