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Monday, 10 January 2011

I remember first seeing Pretty Powerful when I was in a yellow taxi in New York in May. There I was travelling along taking in the sights whilst also viewing the inner taxi tv.

Loved it. That in itself was an amazing experience, like just about everything else in NYC.

The ladies in the advert were all beautiful and all totally different, which is what I love about Bobbi Brown - it celebrates the beauty in every woman and shows us how to accentuate our best bits with beautifully lined eyes, flushed cheeks and pink lips.

Anyway, intros aside - I've just been having a nosey on Selfridges UK website and stumbled across this beautiful palette...

Powerful Face Palette

Pretty Face Palette

To me the colours perfectly match those I witnessed during my cab ride and now I just want it!! It retails at £42.00.

Hopefully if I buy it I will look like the DIVINE models in my Bobbi Brown Makeup Manuals!! Haha. I can dream!


  1. What a cute little palette! I hope to see a review when you purchase it!! I love the Bobbi Brown 'make up manual' but I hardly have any of the products so always find dupes!

    Love J.

  2. Please share your dupes!!! I love then manual too x

  3. This looks gorgeous. As soon as I get a new job I'll hav to look into purchasing it :). The new layout is lovely by the way. x

  4. Thank you very much:) glad you like it xxx

  5. So pretty! the colors are lovely. I hope you get it and post how you like it soon :)

  6. i like the palette!


  7. It is really cute, love the colers!
    I follow you now.

  8. I like this palette.

    U will see like them ;*



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