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Saturday, 8 January 2011

I don't know about you, but I always find the thought of natural products appealing. After a working week of wearing long wear makeup when it comes to Saturday I just want to take everything off my skin and leave it soothed and refreshed.

So this morning before donning mineral makeup only, I gave the toner and serum detailed above a go.

The toner has no scent and is very gentle on my skin. It left my skin feeling clean and refreshed, without being tight and dry.

The day serum is to be used in replace of a moisturiser. Usually, I tend to use serums beneath moisturiser but I did not need to with this. The serum's consistency is pretty similar to a moisturiser really. My skin felt moisturised, but not greasy and my mineral makeup went on nicely with it.

My thoughts?
The products are nice and do feel good on my skin but I don't know if I would rush out to purchase. The serum can be purchased online at eydirect.com for £24.99 and the toner is £13.99. I think that is what makes me hesitant to purchase any of the products. For the price I would expect a product to do a little more than my average toner and moisturiser.

I will continue to use my samples and let you know if my opinion changes but I don't think that I will notice a difference in my skin, or makeup application by the time I have finished them - which is what I would be looking for.

If you don't mind paying these prices though I would still say you could do a lot worse than purchase products that don't aggravate or strip the skin and for that reason they may be good for those with more sensitive skin.

Anyone else tried anything from this range?

*these products were sent to me

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  1. this is sooo cute, i want!! i think ill have to buy lol xx

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