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Saturday, 15 January 2011

So as you know now from time to time I find my self in serious need of a hair wash whilst away from my usual shampoo and conditioner. This time I got to try out Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner.

Firstly, this smells DIVINE - totally coconutty (which I love!). The smell lasts for ages too - even after drying and straightening! I just love it when I get whiffs of my clean scented hair!

So these products lather and apply like any normal shampoo and conditioner really. Aside from the smell - I didn't notice anything spectacular about them. But nevertheless my hair was left shiny and soft. See below...

One thing I did notice however was that my hair was slightly more flyaway than usual so I didn't get to wear it down for long before it started to bug me!

That said, I still think that this would be a perfectly good shampoo and conditioner to purchase if you want a cheap nicely scented product to do the job. For me though, I need something that it just a little more moisturising to feel that it has done the job I need!

If you fancy this - or fancy a good sniff at least - just look for the blue bottle!



  1. Your hair always looks so amazing!
    I love the smell of Herbal Essences! xx

  2. Your hair is sooo shiny! I love the smell, but i cannot really believe the ingredients are natural at all...I sometimes buy this shampoo though because of the smell.

  3. i love this shampoo! timotei is good too! i love the blonde one! xx

  4. i love the herbal essence range. they smell so yummy. great price too. thanks for sharing x

  5. Wow, your hair looks amazing...sooo shiny!
    Zoe x
    My blog, DiamondSolitaire

  6. Wow your hair looks super shiny!


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