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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Take a look if you fancy...

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  1. <3 your blogg babe :)
    Follow me?
    izzy xx

  2. Im an NC30 too and I had the same problem with studio fix (I also tried studio tech)- it just seemed to make my skin so dry and flaky I looked like I had some sort of skin complaint!
    I use studio sculpt now and love it- it's gel based and really hydrating.
    The MA who sold it to me showed me how to apply it in swirling motions using a 187 brush. It gives a real dewy look which I love and my skin's fine. It lasts a whole day in the office (or night out!!) without me needing to reapply...
    (I really should work for MAC with this whopper of a comment!).
    Great post :D x

  3. Great video :) just catching up on your other videos. I love the Viva Glam lippie on you.
    I recently ordered a pink lipstick from Avon which looks similar but will see.
    I use I-foam wash and love it smells sooo good!
    My Superdrug is always sold out of the sponge but I will keep trying.
    I love your blouse!

    sherrie x

  4. loving your blog... I'm following!

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