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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

So first and foremost... Welcome new followers and thank you for sticking around faithfuls whilst I have been MIA. As some of you will already know - I was taking a much needed break from all forms of technology in the lead up to and during xmas and new year. Life just got a bit too hectic. Now I am back and would like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ok so it's that time of year where I've done a little too much over-indulging (vino and food) and it's therefore only right that I put an immediate stop to it.

You see, as some of you will remember from my earlier post, around a year ago I finished my weight loss journey 30lbs lighter than when I embarked on the same and it was truly one of the best (if not the best) experiences in my life.

I changed my approach to food and did between 3.5 - 7 miles walking everyday. It was not just about how I looked (but that was of course a major factor) but also how different I felt.

Now without boring you all too much about how great and motivated I felt I will move onto the more recent part of this story. The part where I have begun to slip into my old ways. Eating out, drinking, sweets, chocolate and full fat ice cream and cakes...

And no, I can't blame it on Christmas because that would mean I'd been celebrating Christmas for around 3 months now!

What I do blame it on however is the fact that I am still getting used to commenting for 2 hours each day, along with working in a place that does not allow microwaves, kettles and toasters due to health and safety!

Yes - gone are my porridge and weight watchers soup days. Sadly replaced by jam covered bagels and deep filled chicken and avocado pret a manger sandwiches. It's a wonder I have only gained 6 lbs! But I can't kid myself - really it's more like 8lbs if I think of the weight I was when I went to NYC last may.

Hmmmmm, that's over half a stone and when you're 5 foot nothing not only does that make a definite difference but it also marks the start of an uphill climb back to unhealthy land.

So I have therefore decided to put a stop to all my weak willed antics! And began today. I have been really good and have no intention of slipping. Which is why I refuse to call this a new years resolution. If I did I wouldn't even last the day.

So the next thing I need to tackle is my lack of exercise.

And I mean useful exercise that actually makes the lbs drop off, we can all walk to the shops at lunch and convince ourself it's us being active! But I can no longer do my walking due to the time I get in and don't really want to pay for a gym when

A) I just don't enjoy sweating in front of other people and breathing in all their germs these days -and;
B) I cannot see me actually going given I have like 2-3 hours to do everything if I'm lucky when I get home in evening (as well as trying to see the boyf, family and friends)

Any suggestions (workout DVDs with actual results?) are more than welcome and I would love to hear them.

Hopefully I will one day look like this again!!!! (with better taste in bikinis!!)

However in the meantime, I really must find a seat on the train while I think about how hungry I am, carry my long umbrella, handbag (giving me a bad back) on one arm whilst trying to read, blog on my phone and keep my balance with the other.

Who says I'm not active!! Haha...


  1. I feel exactly the same! I went on a major weight loss campaign and lost over 5st....I completely revamped my eating habits but lately I've slipped back into my old ways and have gained 4lbs. Like you, that little bit has made such a difference and I can feel it in all of my clothes :( Which means my resolution is also to shift it!

    Ha ha let's do it together and see how we get on!

    As for dvds, I've got the 10 minute tummy toner. Sit ups don't do much for me; it's my lowers abs. This dvd targets those and I can really feel the burn - great!

    T x

  2. Wow! 5 stone is incredible! Defo need something where I can feel the burn. Yes - lets see how we both get on! I'll keep you posted chick!!! xx

  3. I'm in the same boat too! A great DVD is the 30 day shred by Jillian Micheals - you can pick it up on amazon for about £4. It's absolutely exhausting! Most people lose between 3 - 5lbs in the first week. Great for toning.

    Good luck!

  4. You're on Giddy! I did a Zumba class a month ago and loved it, so I may pick that up again in the new year!

    T x

  5. @ The Beauty Bite - Oh I have heard a little talk of that in the past. Always wondered about it... Amazon £4 and exhausting in addition to the lb loss sounds very promising indeed! Thank you - going to have a look now! x

    @ Tabitha Bluebell - not even heard of Zumba I don't think *googles zumba* oooooooooooo love it!

  6. I lost weight in the summer of '09 and then had a terrible '10 and gained like 10-15 pounds. According to my Dr, it's probably also due to my meds. But I'm not letting that get me down! I have about 40 pounds to go. I was working out before, but wasn't really seeing results and I knew I had to change my diet as well. I started the South Beach Diet on Sunday and it's my 4th day and I'm down 5 pounds.
    I'm also starting spinning classes and pilates (and maybe zumba as well if you girls come back with good reviews!) on Saturday.
    Good luck and congratulations on the initial 30 pounds!!

  7. Yep, I can recommend the 30 Day Shred, it is awesome, plus each workout is only 20 mins so it's easy to fit into your day! I have also done most of Davina's DVD's - they are good also! Good luck xx

  8. I am going to join you in the weight loss. I want to lose about half a stone but have no will power at all.

    Thank you for this post... it made me put my cake down.

    Emma x.x.x


  9. Oooo another vote for the 30 day shred - Im jumping back on the shredding band wagon today :) Also theres a dvd called Am and Pm yoga (with rodney yee and patricia someone) which is pretty fab for toning. The best thing though? Both of these dvd have workouts that are only 20 minutes long! Everyone has 20 minutes for exercise! xxx


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