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Friday, 22 July 2011

So I never really got around to getting into the whole leg waxing routine whilst growing up and as a result I still reach for the razors to this day.

Let's face it, they're quick, easy and (usually) pain free. Hair removal cream is messy and often without great results and waxing is painful. Plus there's the pain of having to wait for the regrowth before going back.

Errrr no thanks.

That said, I never really was overly fond of a particular razor, until these past couple of months that is.

My now go to blades are these bad boys. Yes, a bit of 'I'm your venus, I'm your fire - your desire'. Or not.

So onto why I keep coming back to these. Basically two reasons

1) they provide a close comfortable shave; and

2) they smell nice!

Yes that's right, they smell lovely!! Basically the blade is surrounded by two soap-like edges that once wet provide a lubricant for the skin and helps protect the skin from pain and cuts when shaving.

I find the razor blades to be nice and sharp and long lasting.

I love what a difference these razors have made to my skin and would recommend as while I still use this with my normal shower gel (Soap and Glory Clean on Me) I've found the extra lubrication provided makes such a difference to my skin.

I have previously bought on offer at tesco for around £5 (first time) and thereafter paid around £10.



  1. I actually love these razors - think they make a shave last for ages :)

    a x
    Girl in the City Glasgow

  2. These are my favorite! I love that I don't have to use shaving cream with them :)

  3. I do use this company raisors, but I have never tried this model yet. This is next on my shopping list.

  4. I only use Gilette Venus razors as they're the only ones that don't hurt me! I might try these next if they smell nice - just another bonus :) xo

  5. i use these also - love them x


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