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Monday, 11 July 2011

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I would imagine that many of you are like me - you struggle from time to time with falsies. Yes, they can be an abolute 'mare! My favourite are boots, ardell and revlon. The reason? They are soft and mouldable - meaning that I can make them fit my eyes and bend them into place.

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Other brands result in serious stress with me flinging them across the room with a couple of mintes to spare before a night out and RUINED makeup!
Anyway, today I am going to speak about these Revolon beauties. They don't need much of an intro - I have scattered some pictures around of what they look like on haha (I would have done full face shots on all but there was a grey goose bottle in the shot on both occasions and I'll be honest, it wasn't me at my finest hour!

These bad boys cost me around £5.99 - I tend to pick them up at Tesco or Asda but you can get them at Boots of course.

One thing to note is that they don't come with glue. I don't mind because Ardell lashes nearly always do so I have LOADS of glue, which is just as well because other than permanent glue I really haven't found a glue better than that by Ardell for keeping the lashes on!

What I love about these lashes though is that they fit my eyes perfectly. I mean it is like they are made for me. And then as I said they are mouldable so it takes me like 2 seconds to apply. I simply pick them up, put on glue, wait a few secs and apply and let set. PERFECT. And I always get complimented on how natural they look and how nice my eyes look when I wear them.

Needless to say that I would recommend these. Without any hesitation. They make my eyes look brighter but aren't too OTT - a really important factor for me as I have large eyes already and therefore don't want to look silly.

Oh, and did you know that apparently Olivia Palermo wears the pre glued Revlon versions??? If it's good enough for her it's definitely good enough for me!

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  1. these sounds great cos i find lashes soooo bloody awkward at times! I literally 8-10 times end up ripping them off and giving it up as a bad job lol deffo going to try these x

  2. I love these beauts, they are my 'go to' lashes and I totally agree with your comment about them being made for your eyes, I so agree!

  3. They are amazing that's for sure. Definitely worth it, plus you get two in a pack!!

    And I forgot to mention in the post - I use them over and over and over again :D

  4. Are you ware of generic latisse? My girl is using these products and I adore how it boost the true beauty of her eyes.


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