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Monday, 18 July 2011

Hi all!

Hope you had a fab weekend! Mine was great - started with champagne and a meal out with the boyf which was perfect!!

Anyway, it's late, it's Sunday night and this is often the only time I get to write up a post for your reading pleasure. This time I am reviewing the MUFE Mist and Fix. Which was purchased at IMATs, London in January.

So why am I only reviewing it now you ask... Well because it has taken me this long to find a regular use for it.

I bought this product with a view to using it after all my makeup was applied in the same vain as some of the other products out there. In all honesty, I didn't find much use for this in that sense. That is primarily because I don't feel very passionate about such products and I'm not really convinced of their purpose.

However, not to waste a product I have found a new use!! You may recall some time ago I did a post on the Cosmopolitan Makeup Sponge. This is something I am very fond of and use everyday to apply my foundation. I apply however only when the sponge is damp or the look it too heavy.

So, you can probably imagine how I use this now, but just incase... I spray the Mist & Fix on the sponge before dipping into my foundation and applying on my face.

Works a treat.

Also, it does help with ensuring that the foundation lasts. I have found my MAC Studio Fix Foundation last a lot longer when I apply using this method, and also prevents my skin from drying out when using this foundation regularly!

For more information visit the MUFE website here.


  1. I also have Mist & Fix, but I dont use it to set my makeup. Instead, I use when applying eyeliners using a powder eyeshadow. I spray a small amt of mist & fix on a liner brush and dip it to the powder shadows. The liner stays on all day and doesnt smudge.


  2. I've got this too but I don't use it much at all.. I love your way of using it! Will try it with my beauty blender.. Sounds promising.. thanks for sharing hun =)


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