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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hey lovelies!!

As a preliminary to a weight loss post I will be posting very shortly here is what I am currently drinking to satisfy my sweet tooth come 10.30-11.00am...

Yes, it's weight watchers time!!! I am currently sipping on their 1 pro point a cup hot choc and let me tell you it's delish!

The process? Add water to 3 tea spoons of the chocolately powder and stir and voila! Hot chocolate in an instant without annoying bumpy, impossible to dissolve, powdery bits that you can get with some other low fat hot chocolate drinks no matter how much you stir!

Also - it actually tastes like hot chocolate and not like you're drinking chocolate flavoured water!!

I like my hot chocolate to be rich and creamy - whilst this isn't the thickest hot chocolate I've ever had - it's definitely a really good instant low fat option. Whether I was dieting or not I'd be drinking this as an instant option.

And lets not forget to mention that ordinarily a hot chocolate can be well over 3 points so this is great!!

For those of you on weight watchers I'd recommend you try it as it's good for satisfying cravings and means you don't have to sacrifice nice drinks all the time! (I find water pretty boring after a while and there's only so much diet coke I want to drink!)

For the rest of you I'd say give it a go if you like a bit of instant hot choc - after all it's not like summer will ever arrive!!


  1. Oo, yum :)
    Although whenever ive tried weightwatchers, i feel they're really tasteless!! :)


  2. I read a post somewhere about that product. Seems like a very promising one, huh?! Might try this one out.


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