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Friday, 22 July 2011

So I'm sleepy and it's late - the perfect time to share my night time beauty regime with you yes?

Well not really no, so I think this will be a scheduled post for tomorrow!!

Anyway, you may recall me mentioning my love of the lancome eye makeup remover in the past. My love extends to these products also which, through the help of my parents and boyf I manage to keep topped up through gift receiving at xmas and birthdays!

My routine goes a little something like this:-

1) Remove all traces of mascara with eye makeup remover and use any residue on cotton wool to go over face.

2) Apply Cleanser to face using finger tips and thereafter remove with cotton wool pad (repeat if necessary).

3) Apply toner to cotton wool pad and wipe over face in upward circular motion (or just all over if I am too tired!).

4) Allow face to try and moisturise!

And there you have it - clean, fresh skin before bed!

What's your bedtime routine??


  1. wow... you really do take care of your skin. and here i thought that some people just naturally have nice looking skin and they never take care of it. thanks for sharing this. you motivated me to take care of myself more!

    -robots in trouble

  2. I love lancome skincare too! The hydra zen neurocalm moisturizer is my fave and I love the eau micellaire douceur for taking my makeup off and cleansing, it smells yum too. Haven't tried the bi facil thingy though!
    Keep taking great care of your skin x


  3. I love the lancome eye makeup remover too, really soothing x


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