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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hi Ladies,

Ooo I love a new purchase don't you?

So Friday went a little bit like this. 
"Hi MAC MUA, I want to buy a lipstick."
"Ok, what exactly are you looking for?" She replied
Me "Anything, I just have the urge.  Something bright.  In fact, what are you wearing - that's nice."

She was wearing the Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass which I purchased because it's such a pretty colour and I guessed it would look nice on most skin tones (mine included) and would be good for nights out.

I was right.

Such a pretty colour - I love it! I'm not normally a gloss wearer as I HATE hair stuck on lipgloss which always happens when I wear them!  But it's worth it for this colour. 

It's definitely got me in the mood to buy more glosses from MAC now.  This one is so long lasting and so pigmented.

What do you think?
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  1. I have the mac cyndi lipstick and it's a little bit brighter but it's just as flattering on every skin tone :)
    this looks gorgeous on you!! x

  2. This is a gorgeous colour, I might have to get this in the lipstick form , as I wear lipsticks more than gloss.

  3. I thought these had been discontinued now! I have the Gaga lipstick and gloss but I just got the Cynd lipstick and I don't really wear it to be honest, this look nice though! xx

  4. I'm jealous, lipglosses never look good on me alone. You look gorgeous, love the color.

  5. Gosh is this still available online?? I need to find it

  6. I love this color! It looks amazing on you!


  7. Gorgeous colour! I had the Gaga one but don't think it suited me that well. This one is much more wearable! xx


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