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Thursday, 22 July 2010

So, as promised, here is a review of the Lily Lolo products I bought samples of last earlier in the month.

I bought Mineral Foundation sample in shades In the Buff and Popcorn (in the buff is the correct shade for me), Bronzer sample in Bondi Bronze and Finishing Powder sample in Transluscent Silk. They retail full size at £12.00 each.

I apply the foundation followed by the bronzer and then the transluescent silk. The final finish looks like this...

Sorry for the tired eyes - it's first thing in the morning and to be fair I had rushed the application slightly for work! Which is what I do everyday so this is a true indication of what it looks like.

I really like the finish of this foundation because it's a little more glowy than my Bare Minerals makeup. In particular I like that the bronzer and transluscent silk have a little sheen to them, although be warned using too much bronzer causes metallic like face makeup!
I made this mistake when I first bought it and applied waaaaaaaay too much so my face just looked like I was sweating!! Haha, it's easily toned down though by just applying the mineral foundation over the top so all is good!

Another fantastic thing about the foundation is the shade variety! Unfortunately, most mineral makeups I come accross in the shops do not have enough shades and the ones I have used always make me look paler than I am, with the next shade being a no no because it's darker than my skin! Annoying as I don't need to be washed out. This shade is perfect for not only my skin colour, but the olive undertones too because when I apply it, it literally looks like my skin. LOVE IT!

The only down side with this is that unfortunately, it doesn't last all day at work. However, I use it at the weekends when I don't mind my makeup being more "natural" and I prefer the look these products give me at the moment than the final look of my bare minerals makeup, so I would definitely repurchase the foundation and just look at finding a more suitable primer.

In relation to the bronzer and transulescent silk I will be purchasing the full sizes tomorrow as it's payday because I use these everyday no matter what makeup I am wearing and just love how my skin looks so silky from them!!

I am very happy with these products and will definitely be using more Lily Lolo in future!


  1. Great review! (can't see the pics unfortunately! Poxy work internet! Lol).
    I find my foundation lasts, though maybe not round the mouth so much. Lol!
    I still gotta try out the other products but I did buy the Blusher Brush and oh I love it! I've only had one hair fall out too! So not bad at all :) xx

  2. Great review!



  3. great review...i have a friend who is selling this makeup with 10% off your first order....contact me on facebook (Martine Tuckley) or twitter (Nailady) and i will put you in contact xx


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