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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo there!

Today's post is my first hair mask review. As such I thought I should provide you with a little background info regarding my hair and what I want from a hair mask.

Basically here's the deal:-
I have Afro Caribbean hair - not going to go into full family history but one grandparent is Jamaican and therefore I have battled with my hair for all my life. I have embraced both natural and unnatural hair. Right now I am in a semi-natural phase - I have been growing out my relaxed hair for like a year and a half I reckon. Yay! It's all but gone and my hair is all the better for it.

The problem is, because of its texture and the fact that there is also very curly hair on my other family side, my hair is VERY difficult to control/style/maintain. So it required a lot of heat styling - pretty much all of the time. Therefore - WELCOME TO SPLIT END LAND.

Now one thing I do do is look after my hair. I would NEVER not condition, leave in condition and use heat protectors etc. My hair would just break off otherwise. That said, despite using intense conditioners (Redken being my favey hair products) I am not very good at sticking to a hair mask routine.

Which leads me on to my next point...

I believe this is because I expect results instantly with hair masks - which I gather is unreaslistic and therefore I need to get into a routine of using them weekly at least to see results.

As such I have begun by using the Body Shop's Brazil Nut Moisture Mask.

This mask is stipulated to be "Best if you want to: Restore and strengthen your tresses with a rich, moisturizing pre-wash mask that deeply penetrates dry, fragile hair. Best for: dry, damaged or chemically-treated hair"

Great. That's me then. The mask is to be applied to damp hair for 15 mins or overnight depending on condition of hair.

I didn't have time for overnight last night so I left on for around 25 mins. Following this you are then to rinse hair and then shampoo and condition as normal.

First thing I noticed was that somehow my hair felt stronger as I was rinsing off the product. Looking promising I thought. But then it kind of felt like I couldn't rinse it all out. Never a good sign. However I shampooed and conditioned as normal and after about 5 mins of rinsing I gave up.

So onto the result.
Well, it's ok. But I feel like my hair isn't much different. If anything it was a bit harder to style and quite flyaway. Also I do feel like there is a coating on my hair a result and it actually felt greasy when I was drying it last night. I really can't stand residue.

I would recommend this as I think it can't do your hair any harm, but for my hair I don't think it is the perfect match. I must say though, I am quite liking the fact that my hair STILL smells of brazil nuts today :) and actually I do think it still feels a bit stronger. I think that it has coated my hair which is great for the ends but not for the roots. So next time I will just apply to the ends and see if that provides a better result.

I will use this again on the ends of my hair overnight as I think that could be quite beneficial.

However, I will also try a couple of others I have lurking around in the meantime...

Anyone else tried this or got a hair mask they recommend? Or in fact a hair mask they would like to see reviewed? I think I might pick up one from lush soon - I have heard some good comments about their masks in the past.


  1. I should try this. Have you tried Marcoon oil? My hair has been colored several times and this works well for me. I use it as a leave in but several peole use it as a mask xx

  2. I have it, but I've not tried it yet.

    Pantene Breakage Defense Deep Conditioning Mask for Women of Color is really good. You can findit in selected afro hair shops but it's a US sold product.

  3. great review...i have fuschia pink hair at the front and have to bleach it then die it..so it goes through a lot...for years i have been using Ojon restorative treatment from QVC...its solid and smells so good and you scoop some out and warm it between your hands and it turns into like an oil..it can be left on 30mins or overnight. In the morning when you wash your hair (its very easy to wash out and leaves no residue) it feels silky but not flyaway and stronger and thicker. I also use the shampoo & cond..i love it...give it a try xx

  4. Thanks for the topic - has benefited from it a lot http://alhadeeka.blogspot.com


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