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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Some of you may recall that back in June I did a little post on some Tesco beauty products I had purchased.

One of them being the Skin Wisdom Micro-dermabrasion Kit. (sorry piccie is a little dark)

Given I have had it over a month I thought I better try it!! The product aims to boost the skin's radiance, hopefully making it look smoother and more refined. I paid around £6 for it but it usually retails for just under £10.

The kit is a 3 step system described as a DIY alternative to salon micro-dermabrasion. There is the Resufacing Exfoliator, post treatment Soothing Balm and Revitalising Moisturiser.

Instructions:-The kit comes with pictures demonstrating how to use the exfoliator.

You pull the skin taut with one hand and massage the exfoliator into the skin in the opposite direction using light stroking and flicking movements. Then repeat this application technique for 2 minutes.

After this rinse off with warm water and apply this soothing balm using upward strokes. Then apply the revitalising moisturiser again using upward stokes.

Did it work?Most definitely.
I am really impressed with this product. My skin instantly felt and looked smoother. I tend to have little lumps and bumps under the surface anyway, which aren't really a major issue, but this kit reduces them really well after just one use meaning my skin looks fresher.

The idea is that you use this once a week to help improve the skin more as you use it. I definitely will be using this on a weekly basis as my skin felt great afterwards. Also, my makeup went on really well the next day as a result.

I used this product on Monday evening and it still feels better than normal and it's now Thursday. Not bad going for a quick 2 minute exfoliation.

This product is definitely worth the money and I will definitely be re-using and re-purchasing!


  1. I'm always scared to use micro-dermabrasion products on my face because I have really dry skin... and last time my cheeks started to peel! It's such a shame because I've heard such good things about it!! Do you think this would be okay to use for dry skin?

    Sami xx

  2. Hey Sami,

    I know what you mean actually. I find that with much less abrasive exfoliators I often end up with peeling cheeks!! Not good.

    However, although this felt a little uncomfortable during the exfoliation, my skin hasn't peeled or gone dry at all. I think it's down to the soothing balm and moisturiser you apply straight afterwards.

    I think it would be ok for drier skin as long as you dont rub too hard and apply plenty of the moisturiers after.

  3. I never would have thought about buying tesco products, i always seem to end up in boots.
    I think i'll give it a go now - nice and cheap too! x

  4. so interested to read this review. will have to check this product out. i'm in the process of a course of microdermabrasion (i talk about it on my blog) and although i like it it's a lot of money and i'm interested in what at-home-kits are out there.

    thanks for the review!!

    sofia x


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