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Sunday, 25 July 2010

So I have been lusting after the Rainbow Eyes Reborn by Front Cover for some time now. So you can imagine my glee when it was reduced to half price in Boots last week!! (Normally retails for £30 and I purchased for £15) Excited mucho!

Rainbow eyes is similar to an A4 book in style opening to reveal the eyeshadows.

There are 25 colours in total and I love all of them as I will be able to make good use of nearly all of them.

I couldn't wait to try!! So I started safely today with the top 4 right colours as I know theese colours suit my colouring and I can wear them in the day. I was really impressed because they are very pigmented and I good to blend. Yay!

Another good feature is that there is a product included with the set called shadowline, which is basically a solution that an eyeliner applicator rests in which can be dipped into your eyeshadow so it can double up as a coloured liner. Genius!

My next post will be a FOTD post showing you the end result but just wanted to show you how amzing the product is!!

Hopefully lots more FOTD/EOTD posts to come with these colours!


  1. I own this and I absolutely love it It's such great value for money! <3 I don't know many people that own it but the few I knw that do just adore it! The shadowline works fabulous too!



  2. Great purchase!
    It looks interesting this kit


  3. The colors look very pigmented. Looking forward to your review.

  4. These look stunning! Cant wait for the review! :) xx

  5. Awesome choice!
    I did a review on this palette a few weeks back. The colours are great and would really suit you!!

    Love J.

  6. i saw this while shopping a few days ago think ay have to go back and get it :) looking forward to the review xx


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