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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

So recently I picked up this little bargain at the Body Shop for £5.00. It appealed to me because it came in really cute and practical packaging
- see below

I think it's cute mostly because it's got a little mirror on the top oh and its own little applicator attached to the packaging - perfect for touch ups!

Also, a lot of girls with mid tan skin seem to be wearing really cute pink blush at the mo and I am constantly trying to find the right shade for myself!!

Here is a little example of the colour for you all

Pretty isn't it?? I tried to take a pic of it on my cheeks but it just looked like highlighter. And pink highlighters don't suit my skin tone at all!

So it's kind of the wrong shade and a bit too light for me. Which isn't unusual with pink blushes:(
I still like this product because goes on nicely - the applicator is actually pretty good to use. I just dot it on my cheeks and blend.

Does anyone have any recommendations for pink blushes for olive skin? Think I am going to have to donate this product to a light skinned beauty!


  1. I saw these in the Body Shop and was really tempted! xo

  2. the color looks amazing. hmm for blushes, im currently using a chanel joues contraste in 44 narcisse. it's not the same "pink" you want and it takes some application before you can really see the blush. it's a subtle kind of blush. before that, i was using clinique and that was really nice and easy to apply :) maybe you should try that. i love clinique's packaging too. :) hope this helps :)

  3. Aw it looks so pretty, that's too bad it didn't show up on you! Have you tried well dressed by mac?? I haven't managed to get my hands on it quite yet but that seems to be everybody's favorite on here! xx

  4. @Fern - did you see the peach one?? That was really cute too!

    @mia.e - ooo I love clinique - I will have a nosey because their makeup is usually nice

    @Ariel - I haven't tried well dressed by MAC!! I will have to look into it! Hardly have any MAC makeup because there isn't one close to me but will be working close to one soon so I am defo going to be be trying lots of MAC things!! Yay!

  5. What a beautful color! Ive never used andy Body Shop makeup products surprisingly enough ... I should though!

  6. What a wonderful colour!



  7. Nice post! i'll have to try this

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  8. I think I'm gonna look into this product since I love that kind of shade of pink!

    For olive skin, maybe try a colour mixture between orange and pink. My friend uses it and she looks really good with it ;)

  9. hey there ,,

    i haven't seen those before

    thx for the review .. =)


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