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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ahhhhh I love Soap & Glory products. There is just something about them that makes me feel pampered. I also love that for the most part their products don't dissapoint me.

As my early followers may recall, when I got back from NYC I was having terrible trouble with my undereyes being dry and swollen from being over tired and all the air con abuse. And of course I had left my Soap & Glory Eye Gel back in NYC so after trying a few other contenders I decided to try the Soap & Glory Eye Serum.

And what a difference.

Instantly my undereyes felt soothed and refreshed. It was like instant moisture without being oily or sticky. The product is applied with a tri-ball roller ball at the end of the tube. It seeps out slowly so you can apply as much as you like.

It is a thinner consistency than eye creams and gels and blends into the skin very nicely like so...

You can see it has a iridescent sheen to it, with a blueish undertone. Prior to buying this I had read reviews about it making peoples dark look worse if they applied too much. I apply LOADS and my undereyes are literally purple with my dark circles and I NEVER have this problem. It just makes my eyes look brighter and fresher.

I have been using this product for well over a month now and it has really moisturised my undereyes so much. They are no longer flaky or dry and the serum just soothes away any puffiness I have in the morning and any dryness from removing makeup in the evening. It is also a great base for concealer!

I will definitely be purchasing this over and over again because for £9.00 it's a bargain considering what it does for my undereyes. Go and get it now!!!


  1. Totally need some of this! Staying up all night and trying to get to college in the early morning is doing me no good haha!!
    I think I will definitely take your recommendation.

    Love J.

  2. S&G products are great aren't they?! I'll have to try this once my clinique all about eyes runs out. thanks for the heads up!

  3. very nice product....Hey why not have a look at my blog

  4. I love Soap & Glory products! I was thinking about getting this but was a little hesitant but now I'm sold!

    Great review! xx

  5. I've never tried Soap and Glory. This looks nice - and pretty with all that sheen!

  6. oooh, I'm so new to all the soap and glory wonderfulness, and I keep adding things to my wishlist, dang you lady! ;) x

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  7. Soap and Glory... Hmmm I've never heard of this brand (I love in Canada). The packaging looks so cute though!

  8. This looks great, I might have to try it!
    Thanks for the review chick :-)


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