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Monday, 26 July 2010

Since I was about 12 my parents have bought me makeup and beauty books as xmas and birthday gifts.

I have a vast collection of the beauty books providing natural beauty methods, like how creating home made hair/face masks.

These gifts resulted in my love for girlie books (by this I mean beauty, makeup, hair and style types). For the past few years I've purchased more of the books about "being stylish". Hey - I'm trying to find my inner (professional) fashionista!

More recently however I have rekindled my love for makeup and beauty books and given the nature of this blog I thought it was only right that I share my favourites!

The Bobbi Brown and Afro Hair and Beauty Bible were xmas and birthday gifts from the boyf. The Jemma Kidd was a gift from me to me ;)

I have noticed recently a couple of bloggers asking if the Bobbi Brown book is any good. It really really is. I think it is amazing, provides fab step by step guides for makeup application and makes me just want to go out and purchase the whole stand!

The Afro Hair and Beauty Bible is good because it provides skin care as well as hair care. It's such a relief to find a book that gives advice on afro hair that isn't dated.
I so wish I was able and could pull off wearing my hair like that below!

And finally, the Jemma Kidd book is great for providing some lovely makeup looks to copy as well as in depth detail regarding application, skincare and tools every girl should have!
I don't know I just think there is something terribly exciting about reading through these books and thinking that these simple steps and advice could result in a more groomed version of me haha!!
In all seriousness though they are all reasonably priced and offer some great tips and techniques that I will refer to over and over again.


  1. I just ordered the Jemma Kidd one the other day...so excited to get it now! :)

    The Bobbi Brown one does sound amazing! That might have to be the next one on my list! :)

    Great post lovely!

  2. Oh what kind of being stylish books have you got? Maybe a post on them? I love beauty and style type books, they are classic and you can read them over and over again, maybe thats just me ;)

  3. I love these kinds of books too :) I really want to get the Bobbi Brown one now xx

  4. Cool choices! i'm going to check these out.


  5. I borrowed the Bobbi Brown makeup manual from the library - LOVED IT!

  6. I don't own any beauty books :P Maybe I'll get one :p thanks for sharing your favs!

  7. I have wanted the BB book for ages, but never got around to getting it. Reading you post has made me get it and it should be on its way to me soon. *claps with excitment!*

    I love your blog.

    EmmaDazzle x.x.x


    Please feel free to enter my giveaway.

  8. I agree - I heart beauty books!!
    My dream is to write my own one - one day :-)

    Sami xx

  9. Aww your parents are so nice. I've read the BB books. I think her first book is good but the rest are the same and not too inventive. Great book collection :)

  10. I have the same books by Bobbi and Jemma - the Jemma one is my favourite, I did a post on it too! Love make-up books!!! Following!


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